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Customer Reviews for Deep into Easter Island's Culture

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Deep into Easter Island's Culture

Easter Island is known all over the world for its mysterious statues that have puzzled archaeologists and historians for centuries. The "other half" of Easter Island’s fascination is its friendly inhabitants, of Polynesian origin, who are eager to show visitors some of their culture. Today, the Rapa Nui people are most willing to tell you about their ancient traditions and, at the same time, allow you to participate in the ceremony of body painting. From the port of Hanga Piko, you’ll head to the Tahai area, located on the west coast of the island. The altars and monolithic statues found here are the embodiment of Rapa Nui culture. Your guide will explain about the site and allow time for photos. Afterwards, take a short walk and meet your hosts. During your time with the Rapa Nui people, they will teach you about their typical dances. You’ll also learn about kaikai—the traditional game that relates Rapa Nui history with the help of a piece of thread that is used to form different shapes in the hands—and the use of kie’a. The latter is a form of natural paint that was used in ancient times for body painting (takona). Participate and have your body painted, if you wish, or you can simply observe how it is done.
Customer Reviews for Deep into Easter Island's Culture
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